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Magickal Crafts

I always enjoy doing crafts, it takes my mind off of other things and allows a little relaxation. Have fun and enjoy, and as always if you have anything you would like to add, please feel free to send it to me!

Witch Balls

I have seen many instructions for Witch Balls and they do not match mine, so perhaps what I have isn't really a "Witch Ball", but lets just call it that for simplicity's sake. *smile* These balls are more of a charm for your home or room. It is up to you which one you make, they are all so easy. The hardest part about them is finding the clear glass ball to make them in. I found mine at the craft store, but only near Yule have I been able to find them there. Perhaps at JoAnn Fabric or a store of that nature will carry them year round. In any event, on with the show.

There are basic materials needed for each ball no matter which one you make.
You will need paint in color that corresponds with your intentions. (There will be colors listed with the various balls)
You will need the glass ball
You will need herbs that correspond with your intentions. (These will be listed as well)
You will need ribbon in a color that corresponds with your intentions.


Herbs Needed

Colors Used


Angelica, Basil, Cinnamon, Cinquefoil,
Clove, Mugwort, Oak, Sage,
Willow, Witch Hazel, Violet

Black, Blue, White


Catnip, Lavender, Meadowsweet,
Marjoram, Hawthorn, St. Johnswort

White, Red, Pink, Blue


Allspice, Apple, Cedar,
Cinnamon, Elder, Flax,
Oak, Onion, Pine,
Sandalwood, Spearmint, Thistle,
Thyme, Violet, Willow

Blue, Red


Allspice, Cotton, Fern,
Nutmeg, Oak, Orange,
Pineapple, Poppy, Rose



Carrot, Fig, Grape, Hazel,
Mandrake, Nuts, Oak,
Olive, Patchouli, Peach,
Pine, Poppy, Rice,
Sunflower, Wheat


Ok first you want to take the paint, the color you have chosen to use, and coat the inside of the ball. Allow the excess to drain by placing the ball upside down in a jar or glass. Once the ball is completely dry, (this may take a day or two depending on the type of paint you used. I use regular Tulip fabric paint.) you will want to add the herbs you have chosen. You can use all the ones listed (which are by no means the final word on herb correspondences) or you can use some or only one, it's up to you. The ribbon is for decorating and again, you can use all the colors or just one, or a couple, it matters not. You get to decorate the ball any way you want, just so long as you keep the the colors. Keep your intention in mind the whole time you are making the ball. Pour your energy into it as you pour in the herbs. Hang it somewhere special to you, where you think it will do the most good!


Sachets work the same way as the Witch Balls, you pick and choose, using the same idea. You choose the colors for the fabric and the ribbon or cord, and you choose the herbs according to your intention. Use the same chart as above. You will want a piece of fabric about 6 inches square. Place the herbs in the center of the fabric. Gather the corners up and wrap the cord around 3 times, making sure the fabric is secure and nothing is going to fall out. You can add personal things to sachets to increase their power. Such as adding a penny to the luck sachet or adding a crystal to enhance the power as well. It is up to you. You will want to carry them with you, you could leave the cord long enough so that you could tie it up and wear it around your neck, or you could put it in your pocket. Sachets such as teh fertility sachet may not be needed at all times and you may only want to wear it when you will be using it. The Witch Balls and the Sachets are highly personalized, you really come up with the "ingredients" yourself. I just listed some that will work. The chart is by no means a complete listing of the herbs that can be used.

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