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Easing Fear Gloves

Items Needed:
Pair of red gloves
Adornments made of gold color (ribbons, buttons, paints, etc.)
Glue, Scissors, thread, needle, anything needed to attatch adornments
Frankincense incense or black pepper

If your child is scared of the dark, or fearful of anything from bridges to the first day of school, this is a good project to help overcome the fear. First you need to find a desirable pair of red gloves. Then gather as many gold adornments as your child likes, it's best to let them choose. It need not be real gold, just the color is needed. Have your child attatch the adornments however he/she prefers, just so long as they are still wearable in the end.

On the night of the next full moon, smudge the gloves with Frankincense incense, or if you don't have frankincense, you may sprinkle them with black pepper. As you pass the glove through the smoke, (or sprinkle with pepper) chant:
(Childs name) has no fears today -
These gloves have made them go away!
The help of herbs, red and gold,
Have made (childs name) grow strong and bold!

Once done explain to the child that these gloves hold special magick in them and that whenever he/she wears them, all of their fears will disappear. As soon as they feel fear they should put them gloves on, stating what it is they are afraid of and why. Once the gloves are on, his/her fear will begin to dissipate.

Written By: MoonCat