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Nature of the God

The God has many aspects, these are just a few of his attributes and symbols of them. This is not a complete listing and you should look inside yourself to find those that are within your heart. Any questions can be sent to me!

God of Sun
Sun, gold, brass, bonfires, candles

God of human fertility
Acorns, pine cones, wands

God of Earth
Grain, stones, valleys, seeds, forests, bull, snake, fish, wolf, eagle, lizard

God of Summer
Blazing fires, daylight, the South

God of hunting
Horns, spears, quiver, bow, arrows

God of death and rebirth
Sunset, winter, pomegranates, dried leaves, sickle, night, the west

God of retribution, war and conflicts
Best not to invoke this attribute

This list has been compiled with the help of Scott Cunninghams "Living Wicca: A Further Guide fot eh Solitary Practitioner".
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