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About MoonCat

Well, so by now you know I love cats. I am Scottie, 21 years old as of Imbolc of this year. I have been married 1 year on August 22, 1998 to Brian, whom I love with all of my heart. I work at the Cleaver, the local newspaper, which is owned by my husbands mother and grandfather, as a typesetter.
I collect antique cat figurines and Postage stamps with cats on them. I listen to every different kind of music imaginable, but my favorite groups are Pearl Jam, Candlebox,Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I plan to add som links up here soon about those groups, or possibly some information of my own on them, if time permits.
I have two spoiled rotten little cats who are my little prides and joy. Their names are Daisy Mae and Amber. I also have 2 Rottweiler dogs, Bear and Sissy. If you look around below you will find the link to their pages. Be prepared "Daisy's World" isn't a site that you visit for a minute. *smile*
There is a photo of me and Brian at the bottom of the page somewhere, as is a photo of Daisy, Amber, Bear and Sissy as well. It is quite outdated, as my hair is now a couple inches below my shoulders and Brians got darker somewhere along the line. *smile* We all live in Harrison, Michigan, which is up north a little ways. I haven't lived here all of my life, but Brian has. I grew up downstate near Detroit and moved here about 6 or 7 years ago.
I play on my computer in my spare time, as well as read Stephen King novels and Anne Rice novels. So far I have only read the Vampire Chronicles, but I LOVE them. I haven't read anything that good before, and I'm worried that nothing will compare to it now. *smile*
I also write poetry and sometime I write stories, but mostly I write a couple of pages and then peter out. I try though, the creativity is there, the motivation just isn't. *sigh*
I like to watch movies. I don't have a whole lot of favorites though. My very favorite movie was probably The First Knight, or Merlin, can't decide. But there were others that I liked real well, but it just wasn't the same
Well, I guess that's all, if you have a question, you can ask it, I will answer almost anything. Well, on with the photos!

This is me and Brian. Like you couldn't guess. *giggle*

The dog on the left is Bear, my baby boy, and the one on the right is Sissy, daddy's girl. And the beautiful kitty in the litter pan giggle is Daisy Mae and the little orange ball of fur is Amber!

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