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My Poetry

I don't dedicate enough time to writing anymore, but these are some of my poems. I hope you enjoy them, as they come from personal experiences of mine.

Any Comments??

The Apology

You tell me that your sorry
It'll never be again
You know that you have done me wrong
Why won't I let you in?
"Sorry" is so signifigant
To you and only you.
I refuse to accept those words
They never seem too true
For everytime you changed the mask
Another you became
Forcing me to struggle
Causing undue pain.

I now refuse to hear it
Though your words ring out
The apology you've given me
No longer holds the clout
You can't just tell me this
And expect me to believe
You are truely sorry
Everytime you leave

Sometimes when I'm lonely
I will quietly call
Upon the one I'm missing
Teh one who bears my all

It shatters me to pieces
It makes me shake inside
To know the reason that he's gone
Is simply cause I lied

I trampled on the love we shared
And threw it all away
I took what wasn't only mine
And chose the game to play

I made the rules for both of us
And followed not at all
I dug a hole much to deep
And out I couldn't crawl

These faults are mine, I know it's true
And now matter how I try
I can't erase the pain I've caused
With -oh - one little lie

So even though I'm lonely
I know I'm who's to blame
I know I acted foolishly
When I chose to play that game

But know I didn't do it
Out of angriness or shame
Know that I still care for him
My love is still the same

And sometimes when I'm lonely
I quietly will call
Upon the one I'm missing
The one who bears my all

Do you know?
Do you know I love you
Do you know I care
Do you know I think of you
Even when you are not there

Do you know your in my dreams
Each night I go to bed
Do you know through out the day
Your always in my head

Do you know I miss you
And that though we're far apart
You face is burned in my memory
And you touch etched in my heart

Remember this each passing day
That though your not with me
YOu'll always have my love so true
And together we'll always be


The days pass in silence
Teh nights are much too long
I spend my time in darkness'
The things I need are gone

I tell you that I want you
I tell you to come home
I tell you that I'm hurting
I tell you I'm alone

But no matter what I say to you
You have your life to live
And I am not a part of that
And I have nothing left to give

You are all that I think about
You are everything I need
You seem to be the only thing
That I hold in good esteem

I know you know I love you
I know you know I care
I know you know I need you
So why do you stay there

It seems to be an easy task
Fo you to be with me
I know though, it won't happen
The facts are plain to see

You're happiest right where you are
And theres nothing I can do
To make you need me anymore
To bring me close to you

I accept this the way it is
I accept that it's unfair
You are not going to come to me
No matter how much I care

And no matter how I need you
And no matter what I say
You still insist you'll never leave
You claim that you will stay

You know just what this means to me
I refuse to let it go
I believe that you were meant for me
This I think you know

I love you more and more each day
And though we are apart
I never let you leave my mind
And you never leave my heart


She sits alone again today
Crying about the past
She wonders and she worries
HOw long the pain will last

She's tried to make her mark
And she's tried to find her way
But nothing at all comes easy
For her alone these days

She's all but given up on life
She's barely hanging in
There's nothing left to comfort her
There's nothing left to win

If you ask her how she's doing
She'll tell you that she's fine
But the moment that you leave her
She hangs her head to cry

It seems no matter what she does
And no matter how she tries
She can't forget the way it was
The hurt the fights the lies

She wonders how she'll make it through
Another night this way
She wants only to go on sleeping
To never see the day

Tomorrow she will fix this
And when she goes to sleep
She will never wake again
to hurt, to wish, to weep

The Storm

I never claimed perfection
I never claimed to know
Exactly how you felt - my dear
Each time the wind would blow
The storms they came and then they went
And somehow I got blamed
For the lightning and the thunder
And the heavy drops of rain
I didn't cause the clouds to come
OR force the wind to blow
Sometimes things just happen
How were we to know
Something just are no ones fault
And no one takes the wrap
Somehow though you never see
How much truth remains in that
We weathered out what we could
Then went out seperate ways
Sometime you just have to move
to see the suns bright rays


Did I scream your name out loud
Did you see a teardrop fall
I never meant to let it show
No matter big or small

Could you hear my broken heart
When it shattered to the floor
Could you see me tremble
When you reached out for the door

Did you notice that I fell apart
Right when you said good bye
Could you hear the words ring through my hear
When I wished that I would die
I never meant for you to know
The way you broke my heart
I never meant for you to see
My whole world fall apart


Somedays are for screaming
Others for silent prayer
Somethings make you angry
Something seem unfair
If enslaved to things beyond control
Sucess will be to fail
If you always do you for you
Contentment will prevail
Life is mostly tradeoffs
It rarely aims to please
The best now for you to do
Is get up off your knees
Make the best of what you can
Find a way to smile
Try to make it easier
Make it worth your while

The Dream

At night asleep I wait for you
Each night I close my eyes
And there you are, as you were
The love I left behind

Oh- the love I left behind
Strong and tall and always there
In the shadows of my ming
Always there and always mine

Yet when I reach to touch you
You're just far enough away
My fingertips grow icy
And suddenly it's day

I wake up feeling lonely
Like theres darkness in my soul
I long to hold you tightly
To try to fill that hole

That hole thats burned into me
Thats left me dark and cold
The sadness that you left me with
Is all thats there to grow

So I let the day pass away
And wait for dusk to fall
I wait to see you standing there
Just standing strong and tall

Maybe you'll stand close enough
So that when I reach for you
My hand can toug you softly
And we'll feel the love we knew


You will never understand me
You will never know my goals
You will never grasp my knowledge
And you'll never touch my soul

You always have mistaken me
You look me in the eyes
You tell me how you love me
Then proceed to tell me lies

You think that I am simple
And that I've never seen
The way that you are using me
For reasons outof reach

You tell me what you want from me
Then always ask for more
You tell me all the things that changed
And expect me to ignore

I can not overlook the things
You've shown me in the past
The lies that you've given me
And accumulating fast

You never will understand me
And I doubt you'll know why
I leave you here to crumble
And I leave you here to cry


I never even left my seat
I simply sat and stared
My whole life flashed before my eyes
As my sanity was snared
Ripped to shreds and torn apart
My mind came tumbling down
My heart and soul felt burned alive
My pain became my crown

I sat in silence, calmed contained
While you trampled on my heart
I never blinked, I never cried,
And I never fell apart

Like being on a high beam
I balanced every move
Like drowning in a sea of hate
I prayed you'd tell the truth

Just once to hear you tell me
The way you truely feel
To somehow be connected
To something deep and real