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Magical Prayer Sticks
1993 by Ted Andrews

In some traditions, a feather attached to a specially carved and painted stick is a powerful way to make an offering and petition to the spirit world.

The decorated stick represents the message, and the feather calls to the spirit bird or totem to carry the message to the heavens.

You can make a prayer stick as a unique gift for someone special.

There are no set rules as to length, but the most common prayer sticks tend to be made from a peeled willow branch. These are often carved, painted, wrapped with leather or colorful fabric, or otherwise decorated. All these things can take on special significance by simply using your intuition or by relying upon a form of symbolism you are comfortable with.

To activate the prayer stick, your friend need only plant one end of it in the earth. As the feather flutters in the breeze it activates the energies of the stick and your friend’s prayers will soon be on their way to the heavens.