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Prayer for Ridding Negative Thinking

O Goddess within; O God within; O Goddess of the moon, the waters and the earth; O God of the sun, the forests and the mountains; I need to feel Your presence. I need to be reminded of You. Assist me to remember Your lessons; Show me the key that will unlock my spirituality. Blessed Be! Goddess Prayer Beloved Goddess of the silver moon! Mistress of mysteries-Queen of the sea! I call upon thee in ancient names- Artemis, Cerridwenn, Hecate! Beloved sister of the hidden wood! Child enchantress-Star of the night! I call upon thee of the untamed wilds- Descend with your laughter and secret delight! Beloved Mother of the ageless womb, From which the many worlds, at once, were born! I call upon thee of the gentle Earth- From whose breast, and whose belly our bounty is shorn! Beloved wisewoman, spinner of fates! Weaver of dreamwebs-bearer of death! I call upon thee of the waning skies- Grant me your vision and open my eyes! Goddess I ask thee to live within me! Grant me your knowing, and show me to see! Lend me your wisdom and love for all things; Goddess of magick, I call unto thee! Artemis, Cerridwenn, Hecate! Artemis, Cerridwenn, Hecate! (Repeat until her presence is felt all around) Incantation Blessed Be! Be silent Be still Resonate at will. Resonate within yourself Feel the energy Feel the wealth. Crystals heart Loves mark Radiant to all. Color spectrum Divine light Echoing its call. Trusting now Flying wide Reaching out within. Listen close Ignore no more For now it is time to begin.......

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