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Runes and their Meanings

I am in the process of finding images of the runes. Check back for that soon!

Eiwaz (Wholeness) Things may seem difficult right now but it will turn out alright in the end. The present obstacles are testing your strength. Be patient.

Othilia (Separation) This is the Rune of radical breakup but your goals and dreams will be acheived. Separate yourself from your material things to figure out where you stand in the conflict. Inverted- Think twice before you do anything!

Manaz- (The Self) You have a need to improve your self and your relationship with the world and others. Be modest. You will find your path, or it will find you. Inverted- Dropping old habits is your challenge. Examine yourself. Who are your real enemies?

Pertho (Initiation) Mysterious powers are emerging in your life. Now it is a perfect time to reflect and for material gains. Inverted- Do not expect anything. Your character is being tested. Think positive and keep your sense of humor.

Berkana (Growth and Fertility) This is the Rune of birth of a person, new idea, or new way of life. Take your steps carefully and deliberatly. Inverted- Aspects of your character may be bloking your progess along your path. It is important that you pay attention to the needs of people around you.

Gebo (Partnership) This Rune represents partnership and union of any find, but at the same time it means freedom. Do not forget to keep you individuality in the relationship.

Ansuz (Signals) Be ready for unexpected changes. Explore the depths of yourself and practice sensibility and power to observe.

Hagalaz (Disruption) This Runes represents a want for change and freedom, but you must put aside the material world for your wanted change. Change your point of view in life. A break up may be a good idea if things seem out of control.

Kano (Opening) This is the Rune of light and fire when the darkness in your life is over. Your passion and sensuality may be a sign of a coming relationship. Inverted- Be ready for the death of a relationship with a friend or lover.

Raido (Journey) Now is the time to act. Do what your heart wishes, for resistance will be gone or greatly minimized. This is the end of conflicts. Inverted- Be rational instead of instinctive.

Thurisaz (Gateway) Thurisaz carries the symbol for the door. Ponder on every moment and every detail. Become free from your past and cross the threshold. Inverted- Consider your past before making decisions for the future

Dagaz (Gateway) Thurisaz carries the symbol for the door. Ponder on every moment and every detail. Become free from your past and cross the threshold. Inverted- Consider your past before making decisions for the future

Sowelu (Wholeness) This is the Rune of victory and success. For some, it will be a trip into the inner and spiritual world to become balanced in life. Now is the time to admit something that has been long denied.

Laguz (Flow) You tend to follow your instincts and forget the negative consequences. This Rune represents the supernatural power in yourself that will give you protection. Inverted- Cherish your instincts and listen to your heart.

Isa (Standstill) All your plans will stay frozen even though you may not know it. Do not overwork. Find out what keeps you attached to your present situation and get up what is old. Resignation may mean wisdom. Warning Do not depend on your friends for help.

Algiz (Protection) This is the Rune of protection, victory, new opportunies, and challenges. Be strong and take control of your emotions. Problems should not be ignored. Inverted- Be aware of your body and health. Do not assume other's problems.

Ehwaz (Movement) This is a Rune of changes as drastic as moving to a new country. Your choices tend to be correct. Inverted- Slow down and think about your change. Perhaps it's better for you to stay where you are.

Teiwaz (Warrior) There will be victory for any competition. If the question is about love, you and your partner will have much to work out. Inverted- Do not aim for perfection. Wunjo (Joy) All fights are gone. Your understanding becomes your wisdom and a lasting affection may come about. There is joy at work and this joy brings in newfound energy. Inverted- The fruits of your work are slow in coming. Consider your situation.

Jera (Harvest) This is the Rune of optimism, however, everything comes in its own cycle. Keep your trust, patience, and perseverance.

Nauthiz (Constraint) Your negative aspects are blocking you and making you feel weak. Find out what is causing your bad luck. Inverted- In order to blossom into a new life, you need to push yourself to the edge. Contain your anger; keep your faith and sense of humor.

Inguz (Fertility) You are ready for a new start, maybe even a new child or life. The present time could be dangerous, but think positive.

Fehu (Possessions) Your wishes will come true, but it will be a conquest, not a present. Share you luck with those around you. Inverted- You may lose all you have gained so far. Learn the lesson: beware of the people around you.

Uruz (Strength) This is the Rune of endings and new beginnings. You have outgrown the life you are living, but you may lose something or someone. Inverted- Do not waste any opportunies. There is no drawing back.

Odin (Unknowable) This Rune is destiny. It guides your karma and the whole of your previous existence. Your obstacles are the passport to a new beginning. Cheer up! This is the Rune of your true fate.

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