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2000 Sabbats and Full and New Moons

Jan. 6 New Moon 1:14PM EST

Jan. 20 Full Moon 11:40 PM EST

Feb. 2 Imbolc

Feb. 5 New Moon 8:03AM EST

Feb. 19 Full Moon 11:27AM EST

Mar. 6 New Moon 12:17AM EST

Mar. 19 Full Moon 11:44PM EST

Mar. 20 Ostara (Spring Equinox)

Apr. 4 New Moon 1:12PM EST

Apr. 18 Full Moon 12:41PM EST

May 1 Beltane

May 3 New Moon 11:12PM EST

May 18 Full Moon 2:34AM EST

June 2 New Moon 7:14AM EST

June 16 Full Moon 5:27PM EST

June 20 Litha (Summer Solstice)

July 1 New Moon 2:20PM EST

July 16 Full Moon 8:55AM EST

July 30 New Moon 9:25PM EST

Aug. 1 Lammas

Aug. 15 Full Moon 12:13AM EST

Aug. 29 New Moon 5:19AM EST

Sept. 13 Full Moon 2:37PM EST

Sept. 22 Mabon (Fall Equinox)

Sept. 27 New Moon 2:53PM EST

Oct. 13 Full Moon 3:53AM EST

Oct. 27 New Moon 2:58AM EST

Oct. 31 Samhain

Nov. 11 Full Moon 4:15PM EST

Nov. 25 New Moon 6:11PM EST

Dec. 11 Full Moon 4:03AM EST

Dec. 21 Yule (Winter Solstice)

Dec. 25 New Moon 12:22PM EST


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