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Protective Blessing for Various Pets

 Protective Blessing for Dogs

Diana, Goddess of the Wild,
Keeper of dogs both fierce and mild,
Hold (name of pet) safely in Your arms
And protect this creature from all harm.
And should the day come that he/she roams
Guide him/her to the path back home.
Bless (name of pet) with a joyful life
Free of hardship, stress and strife.


Protective Blessing for Cats

Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield (name of pet) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm.
Watch over (name of pet) from day to day,
And guide him/her home, if he/she should stray.
And grant him/her much happiness
and a good life free of strife and stress.


Protective Blessing for Birds

Rhiannon, flap Your wings and rise-
Grant (name of pet) a happy life.
Shield him/her as he/she flies about
And protet him/her night and day, throughout.
Wrap him/her safely in Your wings
And give him/her happy songs to sing.


Protective Blessing for Fish

Oh, fishtailed Goddess, Melusine,
One of the Watery Depths, serene,
Protect my fish and keep them saft
From fungus, wounds, and all ill-fate.
Keep them free of all disease
And let them swin with grace and ease.
Bless them with Your loving care,
Guard them, Melusine-hear my prayer.


Protective Blessing for Snakes

Medusa of the Writhing Mane,
Bless this snake o'er whom you reign.
Protect (name of pet) as she/he slithers though
Sunlight's warmth and moonlights cool.
Grant his/her existence be carefree.
As I will, so mote it be!

Protective Blessing for Gerbils, Rats, and Mice

Rhea, Goddess of animals wild,
Bless (name of pet), my furry child.
Let his/her life be filled with play
And happiness from day to day.
Keep him/her safe from all life's harm
And let him/her live in whiskered charm.
Bless (name of pet) with Your tender care,
Oh, Gracious Rhea, hear my prayer!



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