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The Stone Jar
(a home protection charm)

Copyright 1991 by Scott Cunningham
Gather several small stones of various colors. If possible, choose some stones from the beach, some from rivers, some from deserts, and some from mountains. This isn't necessary, of course, so use what you can find.

Obtain an earthenware jar, a crock, or some other clay pot. You'll need enough stones to fill it. Hold one of the stones in your projective hand. Visualize the stone emitting protective energies.

As you visualize, say these or similar words:

Stone from the mountain,
Stone from the well;
Stone from the desert,
Charge now my spent
Place the stone into the pot, saying these or similar words:
Into the pot I place this stone
To guard my hearth, my houses my home.
Repeat the entire procedure with each stone. This will take some time, depending on the size of the jar that you've chosen.

When the jar is full, place it (uncovered) somewhere in your home, while saying:
Pot of stones,
Guard this place;
Send all ill
Far apace!
Send it back
'Neath the ground;
Bury it;
It is bound!
That's it.