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To Prevent Miscarriage

If you are haing trouble carrying to term, use this spell in combination with your conception ritual.  Begin by getting a sturdy piece of green rope (for growth).  Tie one knot in it to represent the baby.  Hold the rope gently in both hands and place it up against your heart and say, "Secured in my womb, a seed of love.  There to grow and blossom until released by nature __months hence.  Surrounded by safety, health, and wholeness you shall remain until this knot is undone."  Fill in the blank with the number of months until your due date, then keep the rope bundled in a baby blanket.

When you go into labor, untie the knot at the hospital to release any pain and open the birth canal.  This is similiar to what many European midwives used to do.  When delivering a baby, they opened every cupboard, button, and window so that labor would be swift.


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