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The Pentagram 

The Pentagram is the symbol of Wicca. It is an upright, five-pointed star with one point pointing upward. This top point symbolizes Spirit, sometimes called Akasha, above all. The other points symbolize the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The Pentagram also represents the outstretched human body, as it strives to connect with the Deities.

When a Pentagram is encased in a circle, it is referred to as a Pentacle. The circle, without beginning nor end, symbolizes the Deities, the Goddess and God, surrounding the Spirit and the Four Elements.

When the Pentagram is inverted, this symbolizes that the Four Elements are above the Spirit, and are reigning over it. The inverted Pentagram has been linked to Satanism, and even the upright Pentagram is also thought to be Satanic. This leads to further misconception that Witches are Satan-worshipers which, as you have previously read, is utterly mistaken. Some Wiccans invert the Pentagram to symbolize the Horned God.

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