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Pet Death/Euthanasia Ritual

Few things in this life seem to cause as much emotional pain as the loss of a pet. Involve euthanasia, and the remorse is nearly unbearable. Guilt pays a call. All the other emotional boogiemen flock around, too, just waiting for their turn to rip the grieving pet owner to shreds.

This ritual is helpful for dealing with the guilt, remorse, and sorrow associated with the death of a pet. It also helps send animal friends peacefully into the Summerland.

Items Needed:
Sandalwood incense
Rose Quartz
Red candle
White Candle
1 flower of your choice

Light the incense and candles, and greet the Lord and Lady by saying:

I come to Your now to release
This pain and all emotional beasts
That plague my heart so heavily-
Take them from me-set me free!

Name the flower for your pet. Holding it in your hand, stroke its petals and speak to your pet with love and honesty. If euthanasia was a factor, explain your reasons for terminating his/her life cycle. If not, this is a good time to talk to your pet about loneliness you feel without him/her.

Place the flower on the altar and lay the rose quartz on top of it. Tell your pet that the stone will always represent him/her to you, and explain that he/she is free to go to the Summerland for rebirthing. Say:

You're free to go now, Little One,
Rejoice and play-the time has come
For your spirit to be on it's way.
Have fun, he happy-your love will forever stay!

Meditate on the spirit of your pet moving on, then place a drop of vinegar on your tongue to represent the sourness we feel when Death takes a loved one. Take some time to grieve what might have been. If you haven't had a good cry yet, now might be a good time. Scream, yell, and throw a fit if you need to, but get it all out of your system.

When you feel you can cry no more, taste the honey. Rejoice and celebrate the relationship you had with your pet. Remember all the good times you had, the love you shared, the special spot the pet filled in your life.

Extinguish the candles and thank the Lord and Lady for Their comforting presence.

Release the flower into a body of water, such as a river or stream. Wish it a fond farewell as it floats away. Keep the stone close to you or put it in a very safe place.


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