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Various Spells for Pets

To Keep Fleas Away from Dogs and Cats

Create a flea dip by adding two tablespoons each of powdered pennyroyal and fleabane to each cup of boiling water.  Charge it using this chant:

Herbs of soothing, cooling mint
Alert all fleas to heed this hint-
Begone! Begone now from this place
Or Death shall take your with It's grace.

Cool to room temperature before dipping the animal. 

*Warning:  Pennyroyal can present dangers to pregnant women.  If someone in your home is pregnant, please avoid this spell.

You can prevent fleas from inhabiting your pets bedding by sprinkling the herbs without the water around where they sleep.


  To Protect Birds from Cats

Tying rue or lavender to your bird's cage protects your feathered pet from feline aggravation.


  Psychic Protection for Pet

Affixing a hematite ring to the collar of your dog or cat protects the animal from all psychic aggravation.




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