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Walnut Wish Boats

Boxed birthday candles,
Halved walnut shells,
Pond or large bowl of water,

This is where the children can join into the
Lammas Ritual. After you have gotten to the part when you count your blessings by taking bites of the cornbread (memories), have the children symbolize the on-going circle, both by being present and by casting the wishes of prosperity at the next planting and the harvest yet to come. Adults, cut the birthday candles in half and melt the bottoms of each candle with a lit match. Place in the center inside
the halved walnut shell. Allow the child to verbalize wishes of good 2nd harvest, prosperity, and fruitful planting next spring. While the child is doing this, take a couple seeds from the fruits, vegetables, and grain adorning the alter, and hand to the child to put around the candle inside the walnut shell. Light the candle, and let the child
set the walnut shell in the water to float like a boat. Once all the little boats are floating, everybody hold hands and make a wish. Have the child blow out all the candles, for their smoke will carry the wishes to the God/dess.